Short Girl Shenanigans

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Standing only at only 4’11”, I know the fashion community does not really cater to me. Don’t get me wrong I love being a life-size Bratz doll but finding clothes that fit me perfectly is a difficult task. So if you need a little help like I did, here are some tips.

  • Go High Waisted – they’re perfect for us and they add the illusion of more length.
  • Short Hemlines – for skirts and dresses anything above the knee (keep it cute and classy).  Try to stay away from calf length.
  • Vertical Lines – another illusion for length. If you’re wearing stripes this is the way to go.
  • Tucked or Cropped Shirts – tucking in your shirts or wearing crop tops can bring out some of those curves.
  • Necklines – v-neck or scoop neck tops look the most flattering on us
  • Prints – shoot for small prints. Large prints can be too overbearing for our petiteness.
  • Accessories – We should try to stay away from over-sized bags and jewelry. We don’t want look like we’re playing dress up in our mom’s closet.
  • No Baggy Clothes – we should try to keep our clothes fitted. Look into tailors in your area

There are plenty more tips out there. I recommend using pinterest for more help.


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